Past Events
2021.07.22 Thursday
Zhang Wenxin’s video project Two Passages into the Caves contains two works, HOGEN and illusion, which are both comprised of text and video. Both pieces will be presented in an offline screening and discussion at fRUITYSPACE (No. 13 Meishuguan Dongjie, Dongcheng District, Beijing) at 9:30 p.m., on Thursday, July 22.
2021.05.18 Tuesday
Inspired by Books of Mountains and Seas, the ancient Taoist classic of mythical geography, cosmology and ecology, Scripture is a book of speculative fiction that unfolds in two directions: Qinyuan, a diminutive bee-bird, who sexes and assassinates its way out of the mythological landscape. The son of a master potter from Jingdezhen wanders in New York and Antwerp as SHE, With insoluble mud on her hands.
2021.05.18 Tuesday
The stories, creatures, and environments in “Shanhaijing” (Book of Mountains and Seas) gesture toward a cosmology that is correlational. Cross-pollinated species, transmutable beings, androgynous beasts and humans thrive in the infinite space between heaven and earth, where matter and phenomena are in a constant flow of exchange. This kind of imaginative correlation dilutes the contemporary desire for categorization, destabilizes hierarchical orderings. With roots in Taoist philosophy, Shanhaijing centers the body as an expression of the shape and logic of the cosmos, a way of living and knowing through embodiment. This radical epistemology enables us to think on a terrestrial scale, to form a deep and intimate solidarity with ourselves and our surroundings.
2021.05.18 Tuesday
This podcast is part of Future Host’s on-going writing project “Scripture”. “Scripture” is a book of speculative fiction inspired by The Book of Mountains and Seas, an ancient Taoist classic. The fiction unfolds in two directions: Qinyuan, a diminutive bee-bird, sexes and assassinates its way out of the mythological landscape. In another world, the son of a master potter from Jingdezhen wanders in the western world as SHE, with insoluble mud on her hands. Chapters from “Scripture” will be released in English and Chinese concurrently with the podcast. 
2021.04.26 Monday
Conversations with Art Writers is an interview podcast presented by Macalline Art Center and Heichi Magazine. Writers active in the art industry are invited to share their thoughts, questions, and experiences in an interview format.
2021.04.23 Friday
As part of a special public program supported by Macalline Art Center and Gallery Weekend Beijing, we have invited Rania Ho to build a place where sundowners can stop, chat, and enjoy a snack as the suns sets. Amongst these spring hills, enjoy videos commissioned by the Center’s "Bare Screen" committee on an outdoor screen.
2021.04.20 Tuesday
We invite you to participate in a meditative process, moving from obscurity, confusion, and dissociation to integrity, transcending the boundaries between creatures. When meditating, things in the universe gradually expand and develop in the body, making us one with all things in the universe.
2021.03.26 Friday
On March 26, 2021, Macalline Art Center’s “Bare Screen” program will bring its first in-person public event to the Zhao Dai Club in Beijing. Together with Asian Dope Boys, Tianzhuo Chen will premiere his three-channel video The Dust in the club space, creating a truly immersive experience.
2021.03.16 Tuesday
We have invited artist Liu Qinmin, curator and art historian Wang Xin, and musician Siyu to an online public event for “Bare Screen,” Macalline Art Center’s digital video commissions program, where they will discuss how the music video, a global visual phenomenon, promoted and contributed to the visualization of a collective soul, a sense of identity and belonging, and the charms of social media.
2021.03.15 Monday
“Cacotopia” is a podcast that brings together different perspectives and focuses on voices that may be easily overlooked in everyday life.
2020.12.17 Thursday
17 December 2020, Beijing – Macalline Art Center, Beijing’s newest non-profit art institution, digitally launches today with a series of digital initiatives, including “Bare Screen“, a program of newly-commissioned digital artworks.

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