Mao Chenyu: Launching Paddy

2024.01.21 Sunday 14:00


No. 29, Lane 56, West Jianguo Rd, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China

Speaker: Mao Chenyu

Against the backdrop of the Anthropocene era, the last paddy on Earth collapses upon the sprawling ruin arching over the sea at the mouth of the Yangtze River. The Paddy in Paddyfilm unfolds in the residency project at the MadeIn Art Museum on Chongming Island, narrating a human-centric Anthropocene story with an accelerating plot. The survival of the paddy marks the final vestige of dignity in the humanized national apparatus. In “our” interim existence, the narrative offered by Earth, this celestial body, consists of incidental landscapes, chance vegetation, and the temporary stepping stones we hope to continue treading upon. The transient scene of the last collapsing paddy prompts us to question our present forms of existence, and the diverse forms through which we can endure, echoing gestures of departure-launching.


About the Speaker: Mao Chenyu

Mao Chenyu lives and works in Shanghai, and is the founder of Paddyfilm. Since 2003,he works around the area of Dongting Lake Watershed, known as Paddyfilm. In 2012 Mao founded the experimental social platform Paddyfilm-farm in Hunan, which investigates and analyses rural societies in China.Thirty mu of paddy field has been transformed into a self-sufficient farming system which nurtures the linguistic and film practices of Paddyfilm. In 2015, in opposition to the drastic transformation of rural societies in China, Mao has set up a private Elaphurus Davidianus University(EDU) within Paddyfilm’s farm,and has carried out social research and education as a kind of institutional practice aimed at the new formation of rural social subjects and their relation with modern knowledge production.

About the Vortex

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