Bare Screen
Bare Screen

The new digital commission project Bare Screen” presents an artwork or a group of artworks created by leading artists including Tao Hui, Tianzhuo Chen, Liu Qinmin, Liu Chuang, Payne Zhu, Tan Jing & Zheng Ke, Zhang Wenxin, Tang Chao, Hu Wei, Liu Wa and other artists. 

Bare Screen × The Cloister Project:Meditation Chambers with Furniture in Motion

By recognizing the synchronous progression and twinned natureof screens and meditation, we can understand the impact of technology’s ceaselessness on the psyche.

Bus Tour: Site-Seeing

When film and urban history are woven together, the cityscape can be conceptualized as a screenscape. In this in-person public event for Macalline Art Center’s “Bare Screen” commissions, we have invited artists, architects, and curators to explore Beijing’s urban spaces and architectural landscapes with you.

Bare Screen
Payne Zhu: Mismatch

Here, thinking about finance and physical transactions—which are two sides of the same coin—compose a song that rails against the regime of desire in the pharmacopornographic era.

Bare Screen
Hu Wei: Hyper-Architecture 2030

Hello everyone, and welcome to Hyper-Architecture 2030.

Cacotopia × Future Host | Artists Project: Scripture

Inspired by Books of Mountains and Seas, the ancient Taoist classic of mythical geography, cosmology and ecology, Scripture is a book of speculative fiction that unfolds in two directions: Qinyuan, a diminutive bee-bird, who sexes and assassinates its way out of the mythological landscape. The son of a master potter from Jingdezhen wanders in New York and Antwerp as SHE, With insoluble mud on her hands.


Bare Screen
Zhang Wenxin: Two Passages into the Caves

Zhang Wenxin’s video project "Two Passages into the Caves" cotains two works, "HOGEN" and "illusion", which are both comprised of text and video. 


“Cacotopia” is a podcast that brings together different perspectives and focuses on voices that may be easily overlooked in everyday life.

“How Can I be Plural”, Chen Zhou, 2020

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