Patty Chang: We Are All Mothers
Tong Wenmin: From South to North
1, 2, 3, 4: A Performance Reading

Shen Xin’s new text “1, 2, 3, 4” further explores the relationship between language and text, simultaneously describing faults in geographic structures and individual histories.Based on Shen Xin’s text, Macalline Art Center will host a performance reading.

Warm Hands: A Performance Reading of Roland Barthes’ Travels in China

Peng Zuqiang’s video Sight Leak transforms and reconsiders the undercurrent of desire in Roland Barthes’ Travels in China. Macalline Art Center will present a performance reading of this text in the exhibition space for “The Elephant Escaped.”

The Elephant Escaped

The Elephant Escaped attempts to respond to contemporary society and life in the post-pandemic era. Through all-new commissions by five young Chinese artists, Fang Di, Li Ming, Peng Zuqiang, Shen Xin, and Tao Hui, the exhibition will present a dialogue between independent yet enmeshed elements.

Riddle Bodies

By connecting the material textures of different mediums, Shao Chun awakens subtle observations and intimate impulses within seemingly familiar experiential memories.

Bare Screen
Bare Screen

The new digital commission project Bare Screen” presents an artwork or a group of artworks created by leading artists including Tao Hui, Tianzhuo Chen, Liu Qinmin, Liu Chuang, Payne Zhu, Tan Jing & Zheng Ke, Zhang Wenxin, Tang Chao, Hu Wei, Liu Wa and other artists. 


“Cacotopia” is a podcast that brings together different perspectives and focuses on voices that may be easily overlooked in everyday life.

“How Can I be Plural”, Chen Zhou, 2020

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