Multispecies Clouds
Shi Qing: The Semiconductor Demon

The term "semiconductor demon" , on the one hand, refers to the speed paradox of the chip technology is about to face, and on the other hand, reveals the "imperial monster" nature of the semiconductor industry itself, which has been deeply embedded in a high degree of alliance between capitalist conglomerates and state coordination from the beginning, and continues to be a "Cold War relic" in today's international politics scene. 

Fei Yining: Amnesic Shellfish Poisoning, Punch Cards, and Steamships

As humanity advances towards modernity, toxin-generating algae from ancient times impel us to merge with artificial intelligence or bestow affection upon the intellects we have created.

Uriel Orlow: Conversing with Leaves

Uriel Orlow will present recent projects which look at human-plant entanglements, with plants as active agents in history and politics.

All silence is a hidden space

Exploring the absence in the historical narratives of the Cloister Apartment is the exhibition’s departure point.

Nelson Zhang: The Pervert‘s Guide to HK Cinema

We hope that we can investigate and analyze the logics and forces that guide people’s desires in those films.

Zhang Wenzhi: Tigers and Deer - Dalian's Multiple Natural and Colonial Histories

The history of colonization and the history of nature are closely intertwined, and tigers and deer record the continuous transformation between architecture, landforms, and culture.

How to become a "plant-person”? —Meshworks from Amazonia to China

This book club will gather about 20 viewers to introduce and share three articles about the wonderful relationship between plants and humans, exploring their multiple levels and possibilities in global regions and different cosmologies.

Wang Yishan: Nature-watching in Beijing - Rethinking Visual Practices as a Matter of More-than-human Care

Through the eyes of nature-watching enthusiasts, we can see that the city of Beijing may be more deeply entwined with the non-human other than we thought.

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