Bare Screen
Bare Screen

The new digital commission project Bare Screen” presents an artwork or a group of artworks created by leading artists including Tao Hui, Tianzhuo Chen, Liu Qinmin, Liu Chuang, Payne Zhu, Tan Jing & Zheng Ke, Zhang Wenxin, Tang Chao, Hu Wei, Liu Wa and other artists. 

Under the Skin: Creatures of the Mountains and Seas

We invite you to participate in a meditative process, moving from obscurity, confusion, and dissociation to integrity, transcending the boundaries between creatures.

When meditating, things in the universe gradually expand and develop in the body, making us one with all things in the universe.

Bare Screen
Tang Chao: Black Pearl

Tang Chao edited pixelated video game clips into a historical montage that leaves some things unsaid.

Bare Screen
Zheng Ke and Tan Jing: so hum

Zheng Ke and Tan Jing’s work so hum takes its name from Vedic philosophy. The phrase means “I am she/he/that” and indicates an identification with the universe.

Bare Screen
Tianzhuo Chen: The Dust

The Dust presents a performance that situates farming tools and ceremonial objects as the primary protagonists, while humans remain noticeably absent. The artist’s lens shifts from the water-powered prayer wheels in Cuogao Village to the celestial burial ground at Damu Temple, telling a story from the beginning of life, evolution, and blooming desires to perishing bodies, through shots of farming and ceremonial relics.


“Cacotopia” is a podcast that brings together different perspectives and focuses on voices that may be easily overlooked in everyday life.

Podcast: Conversations with Art Writers

Conversations with Art Writers is an interview podcast presented by Macalline Art Center and Heichi Magazine. Writers active in the art industry are invited to share their thoughts, questions, and experiences in an interview format.

Bare Screen
Tao Hui: Similar Disguises

The series of short video episodes, each of which presents a character in a different time and space environment, allowing artist Tao Hui to rethink the role of “dressing up” and “performing” in people’s identity and transformation. 

“How Can I be Plural”, Chen Zhou, 2020

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