Elemental Constellations

Inspired by Primo Levi's novel, The Periodic Table, the exhibition explores natural elements, the very basic units of the world, as a “medium” which constantly shapes culture and technology.

Chen Zhe & Anita Pan:I too am written

"I am a man: little do I 
last and the night is enormous. 
But I look up:
the stars write.
Unknowing I understand: 
I too am written,
and at this very moment 
someone spells me out."

Vortex in Beijing (Five Moments at Nightfall)

We have invited six performers, whose topics will encompass video game, field research, ruin exploration, family genealogy retrospection, fantasy and cultivation of immortality, UFO and science fiction, among others.

CAO Shu:Contains it like lines of a hand

The game engine weaves together many fragments of the reality: life in an earthquake-resistant shelter after the 1976 Tangshan earthquake, memories during the “qigong fever” social phenomenon, myths of earth arteries, stories and narratives of deities and monsters, nightmares plagued by physical pains and wounds, and the haunting of patriarchy within a 20th-century family.

Chris Zhongtian Yuan: No Door, One Window, Only Light

“No Door, One Window, Only Light” marks the first institutional exhibition of artist Chris Zhongtian Yuan in China, bringing together four video works, several installations and sketches to form a periodic retrospect and survey of their recent works. 

Hu Wei: Touching A Fabric of Holes

“Hu Wei: Touching A Fabric of Holes” is the artist’s first solo institutional exhibition, exploring the thread of Hu Wei’s artistic practice over the past few years through videos, installations, and sculptures. 

Zhao Qianfan: Images in the Age of Agravity ——After Flusser and Farocki

To test if we can survive gravity is a task for every ordinary person whose life involves art, who is a receiver and transmitter of images.

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