340m/s is the speed of sound in air. This spring and summer, against the backdrop of the epidemic in many major cities in China, Macalline Art Center’s “Cacotopia” podcast project will continue to collect different voices from the art community in their daily life, and create a unique act by integrating these monologues, dialogues, and sounds from our environments. In each issue, we will ask 7 contributors from various locations to share their understandings of a same thematic keyword, as a testimony of the changing environmental and working conditions, as well as the impact on our lifestyle.
“Cacotopia” is a podcast that brings together different perspectives and focuses on voices that may be easily overlooked in everyday life.
Conversations with Art Writers is an interview podcast presented by Macalline Art Center and Heichi Magazine. Writers active in the art industry are invited to share their thoughts, questions, and experiences in an interview format.
This podcast belongs to Future Host’s on-going writing project “Scripture”. “Scripture” is a book of speculative fiction inspired by The Book of Mountains and Seas, an ancient Taoist classic. The fiction unfolds in two directions: Qinyuan, a diminutive bee-bird, sexes and assassinates its way out of the mythological landscape. In another world, the son of a master potter from Jingdezhen wanders in the western world as SHE, with insoluble mud on her hands. Chapters from “Scripture” will be released in English and Chinese concurrently with the podcast. 

Macalline Art Center is a practice-oriented site focused on contemporary visual inventions. The Center engages with artists and art groups by building physical and online communities through events and research. The Center is guided by the working processes of artists, constantly re-defining and testing itself and renewing perceptual and cognitive systems in contemporary situations and contexts.