Urgency Addiction—The Human Condition in Fast Forward

2024.07.07 Sunday 18:30


Enbankment Building, 370 North Suzhou Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai

Artist: Lishuang Xu

Urgency Addiction is an experimental performance lecture. I will adhere to neuro-scientific guideline and suggestions circulated on the internet, allowing my body to become automated through repeated movements, enabling it to process three tasks simultaneously.

I will share stories within the ruin, telling while walking, walking while eating and working, working while exercising and filming, filming while speaking and coordinating the audiences.

The stories and movements are all tethered to “urgency” and its implicit driving force. In this performance-narration, “urgency” becomes more than a bodily expression, as it also alters the relationship between myself, the performer, and the audience. There is no narrative plot that needs to move forward in Urgency Addiction, only an exploration of how productivity disrupts the body, others, and the surrounding space.

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