Bare Screen × The Cloister × Special Special:Plant Meditation Hour

2021.10.20 Wednesday


2F, The Cloister Apartments, 62 West Fuxing Road, Shanghai


You are invited to connect and align your frequencies with your houseplant at the Cloister Apartments. We invite you and your plant to recharge, align, and deepen your bond through a specially designed plant meditation track by Tsung, and a guided meditation by local master Masca. You may find individual calm while deepening your spiritual bond within your botanical relationships. Please be sure to BYOP (bring your own plants).

The hour-long People Listening And New Topiary Synchronization System (PLANTSS), AKA, plant meditation track is composed by New York based sound artist Tsung. PLANTSS is specifically designed to optimize listener-plant synchronization. Tsung tuned the system to the core frequencies that enable plant growth, backed by several decades of academic research studies, specially at the 100-250hz, 1000hz, and 5000hz levels. Based on the same research, the music also cycles slowly through the hour to emulate the way that harmonic frequencies in nature change throughout time and between flora and fauna, which has been suggested to stimulate plant cell growth. He layered the sounds of three different fertile locales at different latitudes so that all plants can derive energy they need regardless of origin and classification. 


About Aboro Chakra meditation workshop

Aboro Meditation is dedicated to anyone who wants to try or further explore meditation in their own way. It has three basic elements — introspection, physical movements and group meditation. They work together to activate your body, align its whole system, and eventually help to connect with your inner world.

The toolkits presented in this workshop are highly practical and personalised. They are ingredients for individual goals such as inner peace, emotional control, body strength or improved focus. Along the practice, you will be guided to draw, or in fact to remember, your own roadmap back to your soul.

About Special Special

Special Special is a creative platform for everyday appreciation. We collaborate, curate, and transform our space for immersive exhibitions, workshops, and events with a wide range of artists and designers. Based in New York, with recent pop-up projects in China.

About the Cloister Project

Located on the second floor of the Cloister Apartments in Shanghai, this century-old Spanish-style house was designed and built in 1930 by Shanghai's most reputed architectural firm Palmer & Turner Group (P&T), who has designed the HSBC Bank Building, the Customs House and the Sassoon Building on the Bund.

Between 1930-1936, Mr. and Mrs. Fritz hosted salons at the Cloisters Apartment where they used to live. Coming from the United States, Mrs. Fritz was a well-known cultural figure of the twentieth century; Every week, she would invite Chinese and foreign celebrities, including Song Meiling, Zhang Xueliang, Mei Lanfang, Shao Xunmei, Lin Yutang, and British, French and American envoys, as her guests at the apartment. It naturally became a famous salon in the Shanghai expatriate community at that time, and Mrs. Fritz was given the name "Madame de Salon".

Following the tradition of the Salon, we have launched The Cloister Project which develops the idea of relations between “hosts and guests”. Through inviting artists, curators, scholars, and cultural institutions as guest of the Salon, we have hosted a series of contemporary art exhibitions, discussions, and events that presents cultural vitality and rigors of our time.


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The Macalline Center of Art (MACA) is a non-profit art institution located in the 798 Art District of Beijing and officially inaugurated its space on January 15, 2022. Occupying a two-story building with a total area of 900 square meters, MACA unites artists, curators, and other art and cultural practitioners from around the world. Through its diverse, ongoing, and collaborative approaches, the Center establishes a new site on the contemporary art scene. Guided by the “work of artists” and backed by interdisciplinary research, the Center aims to bring together a community passionate about art and devoted to the “contemporary” moment so as to respond proactively to our rapidly evolving times.