Vortex in Beijing (Five Moments at Nightfall)

2023.10.01 Sunday 19:00


706 N. 1st St.798 Art Zone, 2 Jiuxianqiao Rd., Chaoyang, Beijing

Curator:Jin Feng

Performer:CAO Shu、YU Guo、LIU Yujia、HE Zike、SHI Qing、WANG Hongzhe

Macalline Art Center will host a special salon series “Vortex in Beijing - Five Moments at Nightfall” for five consecutive days from October 1st to 5th. As the Art Center’s satellite program in Shanghai, the “Vortex” special salon will take place primarily in the format of performance lectures. It invites artists and scholars to reorganize and present their nonstandard artistic practices or academic inputs, incorporating both research-based thinking and intuitive imagination. We have invited six performers, whose topics will encompass video game, field research, ruin exploration, family genealogy retrospection, fantasy and cultivation of immortality, UFO and science fiction, among others. They interweave and interplay geographical, psychological and historical spaces by using contrasting methods of working. “Vortex in Beijing - Five Moments at Nightfall” is scheduled to go on during the temporary closure of Macalline Art Center, set to start at the dusk of each day. We have preserved the former structure and facilities of gallery space from previous exhibitions, which will serve as an old map waiting to be activated by performances, or as “ghosts” that dwell in the art museum, embracing a new hustle-bustle at each nightfall.


10/1 CAO Shu|Contains it like lines of a hand

10/2 YU Guo|Watershed

10/3 LIU Yujia|Travel Shooting and Writing – Encountering and Writing the Unknown

10/4 HE Zike|Dreams delivered, the fireplace is burning out

10/5 SHI Qing|Cultivation of Immortality on Transmission Tower: Capital and Infrastructure in Self-Cultivation

10/5 WANG Hongzhe|CRT, TV Towers, and UFOs

About Vortex

Vortex is a long-term project. We will update the content of performance lectures by artists and talks by experts both on- and offline. Following the fundamental approach of connecting local practice, theories, and context, we hope that this nonstandard art venue will become a place of torrents, flux, and confluence.

The Macalline Center of Art (MACA) is a non-profit art institution located in the 798 Art District of Beijing and officially inaugurated its space on January 15, 2022. Occupying a two-story building with a total area of 900 square meters, MACA unites artists, curators, and other art and cultural practitioners from around the world. Through its diverse, ongoing, and collaborative approaches, the Center establishes a new site on the contemporary art scene. Guided by the “work of artists” and backed by interdisciplinary research, the Center aims to bring together a community passionate about art and devoted to the “contemporary” moment so as to respond proactively to our rapidly evolving times.