Chris Zhongtian Yuan: No Door, One Window, Only Light; Home Is Where the Music Is

2024.02.27 Tuesday

Book title: Chris Zhongtian Yuan: No Door, One Window, Only Light; Home Is Where the Music Is

Author: Susanne Clausen, Natalia Grabowska, Clement Huang, May Adadol Ingawanij, Wenny Teo, Chris Zhongtian Yuan


Editor: Susanne Clausen, Clement Huang, Chris Zhongtian Yuan

Designer: Lois Zhang

Size: 148*210mm

Page number: 168

Language: bilingual (Chinese and English)

Price: 108RMB

MACA is honored to collaborate with Reading International, Swiss publisher OnCurating after Chris Zhongtian Yuan's solo exhibition No Door, One Window, Only Light at Macalline Center of Art in 2023. This publication documents and contextualises two parallel exhibitions by Chris Zhongtian Yuan No Door, One Window, Only Light at Macalline Center of Art, Beijing and Home Is Where the Music Is at Reading International, Reading, as part of a wider UK–China collaborative project. 

Yuan examines ways in which spaces of exile and absence are politicised. Recomposing vernacular sonic and spatial materials, Yuan’s work investigates narratives and politics simultaneously building and dismantling our everyday spaces. Drawing from a wide range of music genres such as punk, jazz and noise, Yuan uses sound in a way to re-imagine and improvise memory and resistance.Their works often visit marginalised communities that are subject to neglect or perplexity amid collective histories, rapid growth or grand narratives.

And interview between Susanne Clausen and Chris Zhongtian Yuan contextualises the exhibition in Reading, Natalia Grabowska reflects on the use and application of sound in the work, May Adadol Ingawanij on generational relations and legacy , Wenny Teo contextualizes the newly commissioned film No Door, One Window, Only Light and Clement Huang’s article reviews the exhibition in Beijing.









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