Qinmin Liu: Angelhaha No Limit

Qinmin Liu’s latest music video “Angelhaha No Limit” is like a mixed-media artist’s statement; she fuses pop culture memes, hip-hop music, crossover fashion, contemporary dance, and other elements, presented with a trash aesthetic. In the song, she repeats a sort of punchline: “The artist has no limit.” She describes the transformation and multiplicity of the artist’s status today and reveals the rhetorical contradictions of the cultural industry. Since playing a flight attendant on the Angelhaha airline, Liu has been reincarnated once again, this time as a character akin to a powerful female CEO for a successful contemporary art career.

About the Artist

Qinmin Liu is an artist based in NYC and Beijing. Her multi-medium artistic practice attempts to decipher and understand the bigger “choreographic system”, namely, ourselves and the social structures we are in. By using the philosophy of choreography as translatable code and intellectual framework, she documents and reveals the flexible yet malleable aspects of human nature, through which the possibility of defying our ‘destiny’ is presented.
Her artworks have been presented at important international institutions such as UCCA Center for Contemporary Art, The 5th Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art, Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, etc. In 2015, Qinmin was selected as the cover artist for the San Francisco Weekly Newspaper. Her artworks have been reviewed by Artnet, The Guardian, Timeout, Reuters, CCTV, etc. In 2019, She received an Emergency grant from the Foundation Of Contemporary Arts. In 2020, She was selected as The Watermill Center residency artist, and Silver Art Project residency artist. In May 2020, Qinmin became the first ever Chinese artist to collaborate with COS. Recently, she is among the eight finalists of the Han Nefkens Foundation-Loop Barcelona Video Art Production Award 2020. She is honored to be inducted into Forbes 30 Under 30, and awarded as Art & Fashion industry Vanguard. In 2021, Qinmin is nominated as a finalist of the Net-A-Porter Incredible Female Artist Award. Qinmin holds an MFA from the School of Visual Arts. She is also the creator of Angelhaha Airline, which is a viral art project that has been covered by 300+ influential media outlets worldwide.

About the Crew List

Executive Directed by Jinglu Ji
Music by D-2 & Yi stduio
Lyrics by Qinmin Liu
Production Managed by Yuan Zou
Cinematography / Operated by Jinglu Ji
Editing / VFX / Color by Jinglu Ji
Costume and Style by Mutong Han

Gaffer by Yiguang Yang
Props by Xinyan Wang / Pengfei Yue
Makeup by Nan Li
Camera Assisted by Menglei Zhang
Sound Recorded by Langjia·Sangjiejia
Editing Assisted by Lu Ding
Special Thanks to Alia Lin

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