Li Ming: Dolens

Li Ming


Video, color, sound

21 min 49 sec



This is a story of a long journey, although the returning traveler does not reveal that anything unexpected has happened. Amidst the haze, clouds, airplanes and fire, an arrangement is made with tears and a passionate embrace, as well as a harmony that has long since disappeared.


About the Artist

Li Ming was born in 1986 in Yuanjiang, Hunan. He currently lives and works in Hangzhou. Li Ming's video practice always discloses a self-directed working style. As an effective means of expression, an image can easily transform motivation. He has developed a methodology of putting the idea of his work behind the image that is the result of his mind fermenting, which gives his creative process an "impromptu" state. Rather than saying this creative context is a game being managed by the artist, it is better to understand this as a first-person author who is letting things take their natural course.

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