Cacotopia x Future Host | Scripture: Bi-monthly Podcast

2021.05.18 Tuesday



This podcast belongs to Future Host’s on-going writing project “Scripture”. “Scripture” is a book of speculative fiction inspired by The Book of Mountains and Seas, an ancient Taoist classic. The fiction unfolds in two directions: Qinyuan, a diminutive bee-bird, sexes and assassinates its way out of the mythological landscape. In another world, the son of a master potter from Jingdezhen wanders in the western world as SHE, with insoluble mud on her hands. Chapters from “Scripture” will be released in English and Chinese concurrently with the podcast. 

Episode 1: w/Bassem Saad (Toxicity, Entropy and Hope) ft. Nene H

Bassem Saad (@bassem_s_) is a Beirut artist and writer trained in architecture. Reading Bassem’s No Entropy Cassandra 2020 in the beginning of the pandemic was an illumination. His writing and practice is personal,localized while being hyper-reflective in its planetary and historical consciousness. The trilemma of his non-binary existence in global south was conveyed beautifully in his story Syringe Spindle Scepter. In this toxic, disastrous, post-truth world, I look to Bassem's exemplary queer existance, and sought to have a conversation with him since the inception of the pod.

Also featured in this episode are two tracks from Beste Aydin aka Nene H(@nenishka.h),a female producer from Istanbul, who defies techno’s hedonistic tendency and utilizes it as ammunition for political actions. She samples the “Chilean feminist protest chant” against misogyny in the Middle East, and addresses issues around Israel's illegal annexation of private Palestinian land by amplifying its invisible warfare. The loaded intensity and electrifying feverishness are meant to be corporeal. Your eardrums might hurt a little bit.

- un violador en tu camino
- Palestine

Normandy Landfill / The kafala system / Anti-Racism Movement (ARM) / Friedrich Hayek /C. S. Holling / Walid Sadek / Ounsi el-Hajj

Theme music composed by Thoom aka Zeynab Marwan (@thoom_report)
Cover image by Sam Lubicz (@slubicz)
Design: Matt Tecson (@one________________winged)
Technical consultant: Zhen Qin
Assistents: Lauren Wolchik 

Episode 2: w/ Ohyung (Fear, Embodiment and Leaving Behind)

I’m amazed and I think you will be too. How Ohyung’s peaceful and temperamental voice contrast with their stage presence, let alone their ambitious, eclectic music production. There is no one like Ohyung, so sincere, unpretentious and unfiltered. They told me that in order to perform live, they fused themselves with the lyrics they wrote. Together we stuttered so much in the recording. Our shared imposter syndrome showed up in the gaps between our words. We discussed embodiment, fear and leaving behind. 3 tracks from Ohyung will be featured in the episode, turn up the volume, and cover your ears with toilet paper for the best effect.

Tracks by Ohyung: 
- Shenme Gui (feat. Space Meow Doll & Qing Liberty)
- N1FWM (feat. Charlie Sheena, Gia Shakur)
- Sick (feat. Toyomansi)

PROTECTOR, Released April 2020, Physical & Digital by London label Chinabot;
Untitled (Chinese Man with Flame), Released June 2018, Physical & Digital by LA label Deathbomb Arc.

Odd Future / Death Grips / Dreamcrusher / Dean Blunt / Princess Nokia / Butch Dawson / JPEGMAFIA / Film Atlantic’s soundtrack by Fatima Al Qadiri / Illustrious pearl aka Wo Chan / Adele Computer / Wing On Wo / Stray dogs at The Lot radio 

Theme music composed by Thoom aka Zeynab Marwan (@thoom_report)
Cover image by Sam Lubicz (@slubicz)
Design: Matt Tecson (@one________________winged) 
Technical consultant: Zhen Qin 


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