2021.03.15 Monday


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Speakers: outtolunchers, Saurabh Datta, Yi Xin Tong (the list will be updated continuously)

“Cacotopia” is a podcast that brings together different perspectives and focuses on voices that may be easily overlooked in everyday life. Piercing music, savage howls, marginalized languages, painful groans, and obscure somniloquies touch a nerve when we are least expecting it. Like rays of light in the darkness, they are clear signals that inspire us and gradually become more distinct.

Standardized voices are disseminated in the mass media and they have become part of us. When we unconsciously hum popular songs, repeat things that internet celebrities have said, or learn the academic jargons, our voices become more homogenized. Therefore, learning to speak becomes difficult but important: How should we recover those plural selves and plural voices?

Every episode of Cacotopia will feature one to two artists, scholars, or researchers who will share with us their interdisciplinary creations, texts, and ideas. The podcast is both an exploration of the ontology of voices (the history and philosophy of voices) and an experimental act that uses the voice to explore our current circumstances. Cacotopia breaks with existing structures, encourages bodily freedom, and compels the silent to return to their own (non-)speech.

Cacotopia is jointly curated by Clement Huang and Chen Yujian, Assistant Curators at Macalline Art Center.

About Guests:


outtolunchers is founded in 2020. We write and perform, make images and moving images. We care about individual feelings and day-to-day language.


Guo Tianyu, cross-disciplinary artist, writer, occasionally makes sound works. She is a researcher on socially-engaged art, and gender studies. 

Zhang Ee-Ren, artist, makes words, sounds, images, and performance. His works focus on words, words uttered, falsely uttered, false use, foul play, faux personal soliloquy, proclamations, enunciations, conversations, word plays of redundancy and redundancy, meanings and double meanings, as in literature, non-literature, everyday carried-out conversations, repetitive conversations of words, words, over and over and over and over and over and over.

Saurabh Datta

Saurabh Datta's works involve sculptural and mostly critical communication of self observed nuances around behaviours and societies which are some how related to technology usage and consumption at various levels. 

He is part of collective, originated in Shanghai, China. 

He is also working at Volkswagen Future Center Asia as Assistant Manager in Design Technology, based out of Beijing, China.

Winnie Wu

Has a BA in Visual Arts and an MFA in Documentary, currently working towards her PhD in film studies. Used to work as artist, curator, new media editor and teacher. Based in Hong Kong. 

Yi Xin Tong

Yi Xin Tong was born on Mount Lu. Now he does not know who he is, what he does, or where he is.

Tong studied geology at China University of Geosciences. He creates sculptural and video installations to understand himself, to study human culture’s dynamic relationship with nature, and with a wry sense of humor, to intervene in societal beliefs in value, decency, and rationality.

This year, Tong makes resin sculptures in the kitchen during the day and shoots video in the wilderness at night.


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